A thousand years of shifting skies and rich stories has made this windswept archipelago off the northeast coast of Scotland a beautiful but wild and untameable place of dramatic contrast. A befitting home for such a unique single malt.


Scapa is an artisanal single malt forged by the extreme elements of Orkney. Tempests rage and rain fills our lochs and flows everywhere. Water from the Orquil Springs is used for the mashing and our rugged climate means less spirit is lost to evaporation, the legendary Angel’s Share which normally claims 2% of every batch.


Orkney is a place of many contrasts – sometimes we get four seasons in half an hour, so we’ve learned to savour the moment. The often raging wind means few trees can grow on the island yet Scapa distillery finds itself proudly overlooking the white beach and the calm waters of the natural harbour known as Scapa Flow.


We are tough islanders with gentle souls. Our remoteness gives us a strong sense of community and a proud sense of identity. Orcadians are not given to bragging and neither is Scapa whisky, preferring to let the distinctive character of our single malt speak for itself.


Despite its remote location in the icy North Atlantic, Orkney has been inhabited for thousands of years. 5000 year old Neolithic sites dot the main island along with 12th century Viking tombs and carvings. Fisherman, traders, explorers and great Naval Armies have also made their way through our storm-tossed waters.