Scapa Spirit

The Scapa Spirit is a hunger to connect with the wonder of the natural world and reflects the passionate and adventurous soul of Orkney, its islanders, and the whisky that is distilled there.

Three international Instagrammers travelled to Orkney to discover their personal experience of the Scapa Spirit and you can follow their journey at #ScapaSpirit.

KYLE KUIPER Instagrammer

Kyle is a 28 year old photographer, born in San Diego. His passion for photography turned professional only recently, after Instagram fuelled his passion even more and opened up new doors. A true Wanderluster spirit was instilled in Kyle from an early age – he grew up always travelling with his family, taking trips every summer. Kyle has visited a lot of the national parks in America, and this allowed him to bring his two passions together –photography and the outdoors. Kyle continues to chase his dream each day with a camera in hand, and a passion to continually learn more and inspire others. @kdkuiper

DAN RUBIN Instagrammer

Born in Miami Beach, but setting up home in London, Dan is a designer, photographer and teacher. As one of the earliest Instagram adopters, and editor-at-large at the Photographic Journal – there’s little about smartphone photography that Dan doesn’t know. Well established in the industry, Dan spoke at the world’s first mobile photography conference with his work also being featured on iTunes upon Instagram’s launch. Dan is known for portraying his strong sense of adventure through his content, sharing his experiences with his dedicated following. He is also a keen whisky enthusiast, and visiting Orkney has been on his wish list for years.


Saúl Aguilar Instagrammer

He started capturing imagery professionally six years ago, concentrating on the stunning Haussmannian architecture and the Parisian way of life. At the beginning of 2014, Saúl broadened his scope to include portraits and lifestyle photography. Now, pulling all his experience together, Saúl focuses his skill on mixing city landscapes with models and romantic couples. However, he keeps a firm grasp on his Wanderluster mentality and continues to travel around the world in search of “moments of magic” to capture and share with his Instagram community. @saaggo